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Our Services Include:
  • Pruning

    Removing all the dead branches and sucker growth, cleaning the interior and balancing the canopy of your tree.
  • Removals

    We have the experience and tools to remove any size tree in any situation with zero damage to your property.
  • Stump Grinding

    Complete stump removal from surface roots to tap root leaving nothing behind, giving you the option to plant a new tree in the same location. (No matter the size of the stump)
  • New Installations

    We can recommend the right tree for your yard under any budget. Each tree holds a one year guarantee.
  • Chipping

    We chip and haul off on pruning and removal jobs, but also offer brush chipping services for pre-existing tree and brush piles.
  • Cabling/Bracing

    We can add extra support to trees with overweight limbs, large splits in the base and other damage related problems.
  • Fertilization/Chemical Treatments

    We can give your tree the right supplements to thrive.
  • Hedge trimming

    We trim all types of hedges.
  • Firewood Sales and Delivery

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We are tree preservation specialists. We have expanded our services to include large area clearing with debris removal and other construction/de-construction type jobs.
  • We serve Dallas ft worth area
  • Over 50 years experience with in the company
  • Certified Arborist on site
  • Emergency services

Wheeler's Tree service carries a 1 million dollar insurance policy protecting our customers and employees. Ask for your copy with your address and information.

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